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NGE + Shirt Designs 01 by BakaMandy NGE + Shirt Designs 01 by BakaMandy
I was bored one day and wanted to design a "Shinji Ikari Defense Squad" Logo so that I could put it on a shirt from it uwu

And while I was at it I made the Kaworu one too... because people were picking on his adorable/atrocious fashion sense LOL

And then I got popular and a couple of requests on Tumblr to make Rei and Asuka ones too... And then people asked me to make a t-shirt from it and...

Well you can now buy these on shirts:

Buy ♡ ♡ ♡ HERE!! [Spreadshirt ▶▶▶ Skyfish Studio]

I plan to make a Mari and Misato one too but o/ cries I'm no pro at the art of logo/emblem making so I'm having a hard time ;A;

... the only thing I came up with was "Kaworu Nagisa Fashion Force" everything else was thought up by other people _(:'3
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April 7, 2013
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