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August 16, 2007
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Fighters Mandy and Aros by BakaMandy Fighters Mandy and Aros by BakaMandy
:D Yeah, the full picture that I used in my ID.

My pixel ID: [link]

Horrayz! I drew this on the computer T_T it sucks a lot. The line art is really horrible. I did it so quickly xD because I wanted to post my daID before my internet went off xD My dad has this horrible thing set so my internet goes off... T.T it sucks.

But yeah... xD Lame background =3=;; *lazy* And I fixed up a few things I noticed that I forgot to colour in the ID, like my cat ears... too lazy to fix it in the ID.

xD Haha, I'm sure people must be really tired of my infatuation with the lime green colour. *o* I can't help it! I love it's intensity xD it makes me happy! xD Gahahahaha!

Yeah :D. I luff kitty and bunny people :heart: Haha, yeah... their hair styles are so Ion-ish. xD But I've had my hair cut like that before I even played Tales of the abyss xD

Mandy is preforming 'Checkered Comet Punch" and Aros is preforming "Divine Strike of Heavenly Light"... I think I'm done renaming Aros' attack xDDDD'''
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